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Plot your next series, novel, and scene - organize your digital clutter! Manage your future novel and character ideas, book launch, and book creation more efficiently with the Trello templates for authors.

trello for authors

Don't worry!

I've got you covered.

Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what to work on...

You want to have a plan, you want to be organized and you want to know what you should be working on daily in your novel in order to reach your goals and grow your author business.

You know that being organized will help you reach your goals faster but just don't know where to start. You know being organized will increase productivity but it just doesn't come natural to you.

Imagine being able to organize and manage all of your novel information more efficiently...

You have one place where everything is stored. Your series outline. Your novel outline. Your character descriptions and back story. Your scene blocking. Your publishing timeline.

Imagine ACTUALLY marking tasks off your task list...

Because you're not chasing notes around. Because you don't have to have open five notebooks, and journals, and a word document. Because you have access to ALL of your book information at the tips of your fingers. Now you can actually mark tasks and projects off your list and move closer and closer to your goals with these Trello templates for authors!

But first, let me introduce myself...

Brit Poe

I started Thriving Scribes from my laptop in 2017 with nothing more than an itch to share my writing process with others and the desire to cultivate a community of authors who root for each other. I’ve spent the past 5+ years of my life cultivating tools, systems, and strategies to better organize my writing life, prioritize my goals, and create solid game-plans to make things happen.

These Trello templates for authors are the exact templates I use to balance my own life and career and includes everything I’ve learned about using Trello for organization and productivity. No matter where you are in your writing journey, you can make the changes necessary to be a THRIVING SCRIBE!

trello for authors
trello templates for authors

don't take it from me!

Hear what my clients have to say!

"I already used Trello for my personal life, but felt overwhelmed with the idea of implementing it for my writing. The templates were a huge deciding factor!"
Kathlene Brown

What's included?

For just $27 you will receive 7 trello templates plus exclusive bonus offers!

trello for authors

boards to plan outline your novels

- Series Overview Template

- Master Novel Outline Template

trello for authors

Boards to expand your ideas

- World Building Template

- Character Nursey Template

- Book Idea Nursey Template

trello for authors

Boards to manage your publishing journey

- Book Launch Plan Template

- Book Creation Kit Template


Exclusive bonus offers!

trello for authors


Due to the digital nature of our Trello products, we are unable to offer refunds. However, if you have a specific issue with the product please reach out to customer service and we would be happy to discuss!

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